So I got a new job.  Deloitte Consulting.  Left Accenture after 28.5 years.  Life was good at Accenture, but sometimes you are just ready for a change.  I was ready.  If you want to know how I made the move, it was pretty easy.

A casualty of that move is my blog.  I had been writing one at least once every month on Accenture’s internal blog platform since 2006.  The blog was a combination of work and personal interests (IT, technology, gadgets, a little bit of sports).  I figured moving the blog to LinkedIn gives me a nice layer of isolation and independence, and keeps my streak going.  Enjoy!

Hello, World!

The new job has been interesting.  It’s been a long time since I started a new job – 1987.  You want to remember how long ago that was?  WFAN became the first 24 hour sports radio station (in 2016, there are ~140), Robert Bork was nominated for the Supreme Court (and eventually rejected – foreshadowing?), the Dow closes about 2500 (but finishes the year below 2000) for the first time (16,865 now), the Federal Reserve rate was 8.75% (0.50% now), US Federal debt was $2.3 trillion ($19.1 trillion now), the first Final Fantasy videogame was released (Final Fantasy XV now), Platoon won Best Picture (Spotlight), Windows 2.0 came out (Win 10), I started work for the consulting arm of a highly respected global Big 8 (Big 4).

Sporting World

My favorite recent discovery in the sports domain is a daily newsletter called TheLead Sports.  It’s a well-written, snarky view of the day in sports.  Definitely on my daily read list.

Otherwise, February is a pretty slow sports month, once the Super Bowl is over (I hope Peyton chooses to retire on top, he may have eclipsed Trent Dilfer as the worst QB Super Bowl winner).  The other bright spot for February is the start of baseball spring training where the Cubs are the current favorites to win the World Series (at 4-1, followed by the Giants at 8-1, and the Mets and Dodgers and 10-1).

Caught My Eye

From the NY Times, Google’s Quest to Build the Perfect Team.  The challenge of trying to use data to predict performance of teams.  Remarkably challenging.  These humans, they are difficult.

Deloitte just released its Tech Trends 2016.  The article on “Right Speed IT” should be required reading for all IT executives.

Information is Beautiful – a site dedicated to data visualization and how good/creative it can get.  A couple of my favorites are Top 500 passwords (does heka6w2 stick out to anyone else?) and Million Lines of Code.  Boy, my powerpoints stink.

TL;DR: A very long but good read on How Tesla Will Change the World from one of my favorite authors at The article hits climate change, how engines work and how abundant technology may help us after all.

The Nature of the Firm – 75+ Years Later.  How technology and the “as a Service” business model is changing the definition of what an efficient company should be structured like.  I love “Removing the cost of the middleman will be the primary source of funding to pay back investment in the next generation of digitally enabled customer service.”

Today’s Teens are Better Than You, and We Can Prove It.  As a worried parent of 3 (almost 4) teens, the title says it all.  Of course, they don’t mean me specifically!

A nice, realistic example of how Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning is going to continue to do “human only” tasks.  CAD is a Lie.

A video presentation on Web Application performance optimization.  Focused predominantly on the web server and its interaction with the browser (i.e. not the backend business logic and data stores), but a very good primer that all web developers should know.

I Bought This.  When I start working at a new client, I usually like to buy something from them and I needed to update the home office.

Interesting Startup – Yet another online payment service with no fees.  The thing I like about it is that you can send money to people who don’t have to signup.  They can simply print the check and deposit it (thank goodness they can also sign up and process it electronically). Too bad there’s no $10 referral fee like the early days of PayPal.

“The question isn’t ‘Who’s going to let me?’ it is “Who’s going to stop me?” – Ayn Rand


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